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American Natural Superfood: We Often Sell Out Of the Sample Packs And It Could Take Up to Three Weeks to Get Your Order, Thank You For Your Patience!

American Natural Superfood

What is American Natural Superfood?

Prepper and Medical Doctor Patrick Conrad from Florida helped us create this 44-Superfood mixture when he got very ill from his survival food during a hurricane. He created this superfood shake mix as a replacement or supplement for survival food caches, bug-out-bags and everyday use.

This is the ‘Holy Grail’ for most preppers: an easy, affordable, storable, portable, delicious food supply that doesn’t require cooking, shopping, juicing, or messes.

We’re so glad that you love our American Natural Superfood and would like to order more. As a quick reminder, if you’d like to easily:

Take advantage of one of the most effective diet systems for weight loss

  • Have a store of our healthy, protein-rich drink in case of an emergency or for when the SHTF
  • Regain your youthful energy so you have the freedom to do what you want to do
  • Eat healthy, delicious proteins and vital nutrients for a fraction of the cost of buying these foods separately
  • Maintain a healthy heart, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels naturally
  • Strengthen your immune system so you can avoid getting sick
  • Regain your mental clarity
  • Have a healthy meal FASTER than fast food
  • Have a portable protein-rich drink that you can easily store and take anywhere

Q: Can American All-Natural SuperFood replace one or more of my meals?

A: Yes, especially if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds. Sometimes, I like just like to chew on some food also to get that satisfied feeling. So adding some fruit, nuts or yoghurt to the Superfood really hits the spot.

American Natural Superfood

Q: Is American All-Natural SuperFood vegan?

A: Yes, there are no animal products in our superfood.

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