Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet

Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet

Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet Reviews 2020: RFID blocking wallets are a terrific two-in-one product in that it provides financial protection along with easy access to various cards and cash within your wallet.

In this review and guide, we not only take a look at some of the most popular RFID blocking wallets currently available on the market, but we also go over a few key considerations you should know before buying a new wallet, along with a detailed look at how RFID blocking wallets contain proven technology.

About the Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet Maker

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet maker was established in 2014 when a group of Canadian mechanical engineers came together to design innovative and high-quality products that are both affordable and practical.

Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet

The Sports Car of Wallets

When we describe the Fantom R wallet, you’d think we were talking about an exotic car. It has an aluminum chassis, with real carbon fiber inlay on both the back and front and a removable money clip made out of grade 5 titanium.

The carbon fiber used is a diagonal (aka twill) weave in a durable matte finish. The matte finish helps to prevent scratches that may otherwise show up in a high-gloss alternative.

Instant Access

Need a card. Simply pull the lever and your cards will fan out for easy access. Your front card will also be ready to use for NFC contact or quickly pulled out with your thumb.

Safe & Secure with RFID Blocking

The aluminum chassis and real carbon fiber both provide protection from block RFID, protecting your cards from wireless skimmers. Even though your cards are easily accessed, Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet has been engineered so they will not fall out. The cards only come out when you need them.

Holds 6 Credit Cards or 5-10 Total Cards + Cash

The Fantom R holds up to 6 credit cards or 10 flat cards (like an ID). Or, mix and match. Plus, the included grade 5 titanium money clip lets you add cash on the front or back. The money clip is removable if you ever have the need to go out cashless and want to keep things even slimmer.

Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet Price

As is the case with any product you buy, the prices vary quite a bit. This couldn’t be truer with an RFID blocking wallet.

Whether you want to get a cheap RFID blocking wallet or one that is made from a high-end fashion company, you have plenty of options.

However, we did find that most quality RFID blocking wallets are priced around the $100 mark.

Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet

While it’s true that you can get RFID blocking protection for around just $20 in a wallet. Carbon RFID Blocking Wallet the materials and stitching of the fabric at this quality will often be rather poor, leading to more frequent replacement.

If you want a wallet that will last you not months, but rather years. Then expect to invest in finer quality materials such as top grain leather, a quality saddle stitch, etc.

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