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Flat Belly Tea: Flat Tummy Tea is a popular detox drink marketed to young women who want to decrease bloating and get a leaner-looking midsection. So, does Flat Tummy Tea really work? The answer depends, in part, on your expectations. Before you invest in this program, it is helpful to carefully evaluate Flat Belly Tea reviews, ingredients, and possible side effects.

Flat Belly Tea

Flat Belly Tea Background

Flat Belly Tea is a combination of teas made from herbal ingredients. Several reality stars including the Kardashians and others are reportedly fans of the product. And the Vitamin Shoppe as well as on the company’s website. The company also sells Flat Tummy Shakes, Lollipops, and other supplements.

Flat Belly Tea Nutrition

Like most other types of tea, FlatBelly Tea is not a significant source of calories, carbs, protein, fat, or micronutrients. However, the company suggests that you add honey or lemon to the tea if you don’t like the taste. Adding ingredients to the tea will change the nutrition facts—specifically, adding honey will boost your sugar intake and carb count.

Calorie counts for Flat Tummy Shakes range from 125 to 140 calories, depending on the flavor that you choose. There are 35 calories in each Flat Tummy Lollipop.

Final Verdict

It can be tempting to seek out quick fixes when you want to slim down quickly. However, you don’t have to buy any product to make healthy, lasting changes to your body. Remember that any herbal supplement—even a product that claims to be natural—is not necessarily safe or effective.

Flat Belly Tea

Seek guidance from a healthcare professional to make sure that any herbal supplement you take is safe. If you are looking to lose weight, consider investing in an appointment with a registered dietitian who can put together a personalized eating program that you are likely to stick to long enough to see real results.

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