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NeckRelax: People of all ages suffer from neck pain. Are you one of them? Stressing of neck muscles for a long time or even excessive use of computers can cause neck pain. When you are working on computers for hours, you strain your neck muscles.

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You develop a bad posture also. The bad posture increases the stress on your back muscles. Even during sleeping, if you keep your neck in a bad position, you can develop neck pain. But you can’t stop working on computers. So what is the solution? Its NeckRelax, a device that looks like a neck-band. It can help get rid of your neck and back pain by using a pulse massaging technique to relax your muscles. Only 10 minutes of use relieves the pain and makes you active for the next day. Order today and change your health for better.


About NeckRelax

NeckRelax is a neck relaxation device that can relieve pain and pressure in the cervical part of your body. Medical specialists and chiropractors have put in a lot of research into the development of this device. The device uses the concept of electronic pulse massaging or EPM for treating your neck pain. It also uses infrared and ultrasound technology so that you get quick relief from neck and upper back pains within just 10 minutes. You can carry it anywhere you want in your luggage when you are travelling.

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How does NeckRelax work?

NeckRelax is easy to use, and it is simple to set up the device. It is a non-invasive way to get relief from continuous tiredness, body aches, headaches, and stiff neck. The device uses electrical muscle stimulation, soothing magnetic therapy and infrared thermal technology to reduce pain and pressure. It reduces muscle inflammations with the infrared rays.

EPM therapy acts on the muscle spasms and damaged nerves that are responsible for the stress and tightness. Ultrasound ray therapy treats the injuries from constant bad posture, like sitting in front of the computer for the whole day. The Pulse Patches that you attach with the device transmits electrical pulses throughout your body. So all the muscles in your body relax. It also improves your body’s posture.

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How to Use NeckRelax?

  • First, tie up your hair if you have long hair. Clean your back with a wet wipe or towel.
  • Now insert the batteries into the device.
  • Wear the device on your neck and fix the pulse pads on your back.
  • Then switch on the device and feel the massaging effects.
  • You can adjust the massaging intensity to high or low mode.

Is it Safe to Use Neck Relax?

This is a portable massaging device that uses no chemicals or shock-therapy. It uses safe massaging techniques that even chiropractors use for relieving pain and stress.

Neck Relax

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  • Entire Body Treatment: The Pulse Patches transmit electrical pulses throughout your body. The electrical pulses facilitate the relaxation of all your muscles, from head to toe.
  • Fast Pain Relief: It uses electronic pulse massaging, soothing magnetic therapy, ultrasound, and infrared thermal technology. So it acts very fast to relieve your muscle pain and tension. Use for only 10 minutes and be free from pain.
  • Convenient and Portable: It is a small and foldable device. You can carry it anywhere to your workplace, or on vacations, or office tours. It operates on two batteries, so you don’t need any electric socket nearby.
  • Easy and Fast Setup: Just wear the device on your neck and then attach the pulse patches. The device is available in a single size that fits all. Switch on the button and use it. It is easy to use!

Purchase and Price

You can order NeckRelax from the official website and avail discount offers.

  • One device costs $119.98. After the discount, it will cost you $59.99.
  • If you purchase two devices, for yourself and your partner, it will cost you $119.98.
  • Three devices will cost you $134.98. So the effective price of one is $44.99.
  • If you buy four devices for your family use, it will cost you $164.97. This is the best offer. -You get one device for $41.24.

Money-Back and Refund Policy

The manufacturers guarantee customer satisfaction with a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the device, you can return the product in brand new condition with the original packaging.

  • Contact customer support. They will provide you with the return facility address.
  • The product must reach the return facility address by 30 days.
  • The company provides you information on approval and processing of your return on email.
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Is the NeckRelax easy to use and set up?

Yes. It does not require any additional equipment to set it up. You have to wear this battery-operated device around your neck to find relief from pain.

The device gives you relief from what types of pain?

The device provides relief from neck and back pain, continuous tiredness, body aches, headaches, and stiff neck. It even corrects your posture forever.

Is NeckRelax portable?

Yes. It is a small and foldable device that runs on batteries. So you can carry and use it anywhere you want. You can use it in your office chair, in aircraft, in hotels, anywhere. Using it for just 10 minutes relieves you of pains.

What is the use of the pulse patches in the device?

The pulse patches are two gel patches that fit on your back. It transmits the electrical pulses throughout your body. So your muscles from head to toe get the benefits of massage.

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Neck pain is very common. Excessive use of computers and smartphones is one cause. You lean on your desk the whole day and come back home with neck pain. To get relief, you visit doctors or therapists. They prescribe harmful painkillers. Therapy sessions are costly. What if you know that there is an affordable and safe device that relieves your pain? Buy it once and use it forever.

This device is NeckRelax. You can cure yourself of the comfort of your home. Use it every day to reduce muscle inflammations and spasms. It is a definite solution to your upper-back and neck pains. It even makes you stress-free and happy. To enjoy a life full of activity, start using NeckRelax from now.

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