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The Favorite Foods Diet

The Favorite Foods Diet Review: Is this dieting guide by Chrissie Mitchel really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

If you are having trouble decreasing or maintaining weight, your diet is the first thing you should be looking at. Though exercise has a major role to play in how you look and feel, the food you eat forms the base for any exercise regimen. Without proper eating habits, no amount of exercise is going to make you feel healthy or look a million bucks. In fact, you may feel sluggish or lack the energy needed to exercise if your food habits are at fault.

The Favorite Foods Diet

Most obese people invariably go on a diet to lose weight. There is no dearth of information both online and offline on how to diet or what foods to eat during specific times of the day and in what proportions. In fact, there is a range of pre-designed weight loss diet plans. The Favorite Food Diet is one of them. However, it is unique and stands out from the crowd. In this Favorite Food Diet review, we’ll learn more about the program, its benefits, user feedback, and ultimately ascertain if it’s worth your time and money.

What is The Favorite Foods Diet?

The diet program is essentially a weight loss plan that helps you become fitter and slimmer in a healthy way. Available in the e-book format, it packs in all the information you require to get started with a healthy diet and achieve desired results. Unlike traditional diet programs, this diet plan doesn’t ban certain “anti-diet” food items such as pizzas and steaks. You can eat all your favorite foods, except canned or packaged food items.

The diet plan is for all men and women who would like to shed a few pounds. It’s particularly recommended for people who have tried multiple other diet plans before in vain. Kindly note the Favorite Food Diet is no magic bullet that you bite to lose weight instantly. You would still have to put in some effort from your side for the program to work.

Author Overview The Favorite Foods Diet

Chrissie Mitchel, a highly-renowned wellness and fitness expert, is the brain behind this diet program. Chrissie has several years of experience working with obese people and addressing their weight issues. In fact, she once had weight issues herself after having kids. Before devising the Favorite Food Diet, Chrissie tried pretty much all diet plans floating online and elsewhere. However, none of them worked out to her satisfaction.

Even the weight that she lost while being on certain diets came back after she got off those diet plans. This experience prompted her to come up with her own diet program. Chrissie has tried the Favorite Food Diet on her and has had success with it. It is only after having personally tried the program that Chrissie decided to spread the message to everyone.


This diet program takes a slightly non-conventional approach to dieting for weight loss when compared to regular diet plans. The program is based on four important rules: whole foods, microbiome nourishment, the inclusion of your favorite foods, and drinking clean water every day. These four rules form the base for the four-stage process that this diet plan would set you on. They are:

  • Deceptive practices of the weight loss industry
  • True obesity causes
  • The Favorite Food Diet program
  • Healthy recipes

Salient Features

The following are some of the many noteworthy things about this diet plan.

• Miracle Shakes

The program offers a complete overview or has a section dedicated to weight loss-friendly shakes and dishes. Also, the plan comprises recommendations on specific food ingredients. The items prescribed are easily available and things you consume on a regular basis.

• Obesity Root Cause

In this second phase, you are offered truckloads of knowledge about your excess weight, its different sources, and what you could do about them. During this stage, you shall also learn that it takes more than just a diet program to lose weight accumulated over a period. This knowledge helps you fine-tune your expectations from the program and be clear about what your contributions should be to achieve your weight loss goal.

• No Starving Rule

Through this program, you would be able to break the myth attached to fasting. Fasting for weight loss or health, contrary to what the general perception is, is not starving for days or cutting out certain types of food. It’s basically giving your body enough “no-food time” between regular meals so that it could recuperate well from everything you ingested during the day. The Favorite Food Diet embraces this philosophy.

• Three Bonuses

The program offers three bonuses: Favorite Detox Cleanse, Favorite Wardrobe, and Favorite Recipes. These are guides that you will receive as add-ons when you buy the Favorite Food Diet. The Favorite Detox Cleanse guide’s detoxing shortcuts are fun and simple. Favorite Wardrobe, as the name indicates, would guide you on the right dresses or outfits to go with your leaner body. Favorite Recipes, on the other hand, is basically a recipe book comprising 27 lip-smacking desserts that would not add calories to your diet but help you lose weight. If you were to buy these guides separately, they would cost you three or four times the price of this diet plan.

The Favorite Foods Diet



• Easy to follow

The Favorite Food Diet is fairly easy to roll and stick with. It is arguably the easiest weight loss diet plan. The reason being you are allowed to eat your favorite foods while on the diet. Most importantly, there are no crash diets involved. The focus is instead on eating your favorite foods at the right time and in the correct proportions.

• Proper Guidance

Besides helping you eat food the proper way, you would also be guided on the kind of or specific foods to avoid. Do not worry, as the list is limited and the chances of your favorite food featuring in the “banned food” list are fairly minimal. This focus on food is to help you boost your metabolism.

• Portable

You get access to the program almost immediately post-purchase. A download link will be provided to push the PDF file to your computer. You can even download the e-book on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone so that you could take the program with you pretty much anywhere.

• Customer support

If you are having trouble losing those extra pounds, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer support team. They would look into the mistakes you’re making (if any) and offer you custom guidance. If you still don’t see results or you just want your money back, you can ask for a complete refund. Basically, there is nothing to lose.

Pricing The Favorite Foods Diet

If you’d like to buy this diet plan, you’ll have to set aside $37. The diet program is available for purchase on its official website. The actual price of the plan, according to the author, is $200. Therefore, if you manage to get it for $37, it’s a steal. The $37 would buy you an e-book that you can print out for easy offline access. And since there is no conventional book or DVD involved, you would not be paying money for shipping.

PROs & CONs Listing


  • Based on all-natural methods; no harmful shortcuts
  • Focuses on gut flora
  • No crash diets involved
  • Offers complete guidance
  • Bonus guides
  • 60-day complete money-back guarantee


  • No instantaneous results
  • Not available as audio or video

Buyer Feedback The Favorite Foods Diet

The revolutionary methods incorporated into the program have seemed to work for most people who have taken up this diet plan. People who were not able to lose their ‘love handles’ for ages managed to get rid of them with this diet program. Quite a few of them have lost a pound or two only after being on the diet for a few days. Even those who were skeptical about the program, thanks to their experience with other diet programs in the past, got onboard fairly quickly.

One of the major reasons why people are loving this diet, sticking to it, and seeing results in the process is the fact that there are no major cutdowns on food. In fact, most people who dreaded food due to their obesity issues are developing a liking for food like never before. There are quite a few who claimed to have doughnuts, waffles, and brownies for breakfast and have still managed to lose weight healthily on the side.

The Favorite Foods Diet

Our Verdict

Losing weight is no child’s play. And the thing that’s more difficult than losing weight is actually living with all those extra pounds. Obesity, contrary to what most people think, is a form of illness. And The Favorite Food Diet tries to treat the ilness. The best thing about the program is that it emphasizes on getting your gut issues corrected. Pretty much every other diet program doesn’t even consider this aspect. Once your gut has been normalized, your bowels would get regular and you’ll be able to absorb nutrients from your food a lot more effectively.

Long story short, this diet program is a godsend for people who have had no success with other diet programs and are on the verge of giving up their battle with obesity. If you are not buying this course, you are basically missing out on the best opportunity to lose weight. If we had to rate this program, we would happily give it five stars. There is pretty much nothing negative to say about this program.


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