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Urgent BP Balance: is a potent heart health supplement that can help you improve your health in multiple ways. It aids in managing proper blood pressure levels, boosting arterial health, enhancing the flow of platelets, bettering kidney function, and more. And the bridge to these benefits is laced with natural ingredients minus any harmful chemicals, which are usually present in OTC drugs. Owing to its natural composition, this solution is safe to take.

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Urgent BP Balance Reviews

It seems as we are living in this world, the occurrence of health issues such as those linked with the heart are becoming extremely common. Despite the medical and technological advancement, we seem to be stuck with the same issues – heart attack, heart arrest, stroke, and more. This brings us to one conclusion: medicine is really disappointing us lately. And this is exactly how Dr. Caleb Baker thinks. This is why he has been working day in, day out to find solutions from the alternate health field. One of these solution that can help optimize your heart health is Urgent BP Balance.

Urgent BP Balance

How Does Urgent BP Balance Help?

Urgent BP Balance

Urgent BP Balance by Beyond Nutrition Research is a work of professionals. Only experts are involved in the making of this solution. Naturally, this speaks in favor of the solution’s authenticity and credibility.

The natural herbs and minerals present in this solution help with:

  • Lowering your levels of stress
  • Making your heart beat strong and steady
  • Support the kidneys in controlling blood pressure changes
  • Boosting muscle function related to arteries and blood vessels
  • Blocking harmful oxidants that can negatively affect your artery health
  • Make your blood platelets less sticky so they can play their role effectively

As a result, you can reap several benefits from this solution. What’s more, it showcases a high-compliance certificate and has been prepared in a FDA-approved facility. This tells about how high-quality the product is. The supplement is also non-GMO and paleo friendly.

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About The Person & Manufacturer Of This Supplement

Urgent BP Balance supplement is the brain child of Dr. Caleb Baker who is the director of Beyond Nutrition Research, the name behind this supplement. He flaunts a background in clinical research for holistic and herbal medicine. Owing to this, he is dedicated to finding breakthroughs in alternative medicine.

Dr. Caleb is also the founder of Harmony Holistic Healthcare that’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. Moreover, he is also the head researcher at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

All this proves that:

Dr. Caleb is a highly educated individual with years of experience in alternative medicine under his belt
He is authentic and has a proven record of his work and experience
He is still a participant in his field with lots of industry know-how. Plus, he keeps updated with all the latest research and development while himself being involved in research

Both these pointers prove that this person is the perfect person for formulating this solution for optimal heart health. His interest in finding the greatest breakthroughs in his field naturally got him curious about learning about what protected the heart of Spaniards from 32 villages from heart diseases, leading to the creation of this all-natural solution.

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Background Of This Product

Urgent BP Balance came into existence when researchers learned about 32 villages in Spain where people had nearly 255% less risk of heart issues than the rest of Europe. These villages are located around the Northern Hills of Spain.

In contrast with Americans, their risk of heart concerns is down by a whopping 467%. This finding intrigued the team over at Beyond Nutrition Research who went on to find the answer to the ‘why.’ Why exactly where these people so safe? How did they have such reduced risk of heart ailments? And what was it that they were doing right?

Once the answers came to light, Dr. Caleb and his team put all their intelligent minds, resources, and research to work and came up with this viable formula that helps protect you from health issues of the heart.

Urgent BP Balance Ingredients

Mainly, Urgent BP Balance provides Magnesium. The majority of the population in the US suffers from a deficiency of this mineral. But the problem is its deficiency can severely impact your heart health.

Wondering why? Because it relaxes your heart’s smooth muscle, which easily gets excited and, therefore, sick due to stress. Stress leaves your body in a fight and flight situation, which excites your heart muscle. Overtime, the muscle gets tensed and tired, reaching a finale of heart ailments.

Urgent BP Balance

Magnesium, however, can prevent all this by relaxing your heart muscle. It’s lack or absence causes muscle fatigue, spasm, and more. In fact, magnesium deficiency can increase you risk of certain heart conditions by 77% (!). Fortunately, this supplement aims to supply the mineral to you so you don’t suffer at the hands of its deficiency.

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In addition to the mineral, the supplement also pairs other powerful herbal and natural ingredients including assassin berry to improve your heart health and save you from its issues.

Some of the other main ingredients in this solution are:

Hawthorn berry: It protects the heart from a concern that’s medically known as reactive oxygenated species. The berry is also proven to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

Grape Seed Extract: This ingredient can help strengthen your blood vessels while promoting improved bodily functions. It also helps with blood pressure management and maintaining health cholesterol levels.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid: In short, this is known as GABA. Basically, it is an amino acid that the brain produces to slow the activity of neurons and the nervous system. This assists in relaxing you on the whole, thus, helping to combat stress like Magnesium does.

Urgent BP Balance Review – Final Verdict

Putting it altogether, Urgent BP Balance by Beyond Nutrition Research is a helpful solution for your heart. You can easily get a single bottle at a reduced price of $69.95 or choose a deal of four bottles that give you four-month supply at $49.95 each. Not to forget, there is a 90-day money back guarantee in place too. For consumer protection, only buy this product from its official website (link given below).

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